Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lost cause

I am a total moron. And I am ok with that. I was so proud of myself for applying online to a bunch of monster job listings. My resume states that I am detail oriented. Oh Really? Cause I apparently selected a resume from 2004, and not the current one. Yeah, the one that still says I am in Indiana. And does not mention my HR/payroll experience at all. Brilliant.

And this is on top of possibly faxing more than one cover sheet but not the resume.

Some days, I wonder how I made it this far!

Oh well. There are other jobs, and I have deleted the old resume, so I am moving onward.

I spoke to GEM last night. We always end up having these marathon 2 hour chats. Some poor bastard had applied at his job. The application there asks something like list a way that you wish you could improve. The poor bastard in question had listed that s/he wished s/he wasn't always tardy and didn't miss so much work.

OK folks, there is being honest on an application and then there is just shooting yourself in the foot. Repeatedly. Why not just list that you wish you could cut down on your petty thievery of office supplies and coffee filters?

I had my second interview for the position I am not sure I really want. We shall see how it goes. I am all excited to actually get a job though in some ways. I miss wearing office clothes, and this morning I was all dressed up and looked pretty fine if I do say so myself. Why can't I find a job as some "consultant" in a firm owned by my older and wealthy man of the hour and do nothing more than look pretty, play online games, and read blogs? Do those jobs still exist?


Jennifer said...


Jennifer said...

Okay, that was a lie. I just wish I had that job. And I have detail oriented on my resume, too, even though I am beginning to think that I may be lying.