Monday, August 11, 2008

Current thoughts in no particular order

Welcome to Texas, where even with the A/C cranking it is stll 85 freaking degrees inside.

I continue to fight with S. The heat is not helping. He insists on making things like spaghetti in the middle of the afternoon. With the temperature already over 80 inside, what would be a clever thing to do? Turn the stove on and boil pasta. Second top answer is using the dryer. Bonus points for doing both at the same time.

S. is SMRT.

I know it is wrong, but because he has pissed me off, I have thrown out his favorite boxers and another pair of shorts. This is small and petty, and I justify that it is just clothing, and nothing important, like his birth certificate. I really and truly do not play well with others. I may also be checking his email and myspace page. Don't hate. I know it is borderline creepy. And by borderline I mean sort of a lot. I don't really care so much about what he is doing, but I am really bored.

I am feeling ok today about my bank balance. Not gonna say how much, but I have been really prudent lately, and it is higher than it has been for a while. Still waiting to get a real job to watch the numbers climb and feel safer.

The Woo - seems to be getting better. The diarrhea seems to have stopped, since he is on a probiotic. The vet insisted that the powder was tasty, and I wouldn't have to mix it in his food to get him to eat it. Well, I ended up having to stir it into the stinky wet food. Not because he won't eat it, but because that is all he wants to eat. Stinker. But I love him so, and I will mix it in.

I don't want to be a crazy cat lady. Really I don't. But lately this cat has been really helping me keep it together. Whenever he wakes up and does not know where I am, he will cry until I call out to him, then he will come running up to me, so I can scoop him up and cuddle him. The other two cats just don't give me that much attention unless their bowl is empty. Camille is 15 and grumpy, so I don't expect much from her, and Biki is a halfwit at best. But The Woo is all about following me around and being a love. And somedays I need the unconditional love, no matter that it comes from a cat.

I have done another couple rounds of binge and purge. Not so bad on the bingeing, really just meal sized amounts, but the purging is starting to concern me. I searched online and learned that rinsing with baking soda can help reduce the acid, but I think baking soda would make me gag, so the benefit may be eliminated...

Is anyone else watching "The Secret Lives of Women" on the chick channel? I am. There are some truly strange people out there. In comparison, I am only odd, not strange. I did learn a new term though from the show. HeteroFlexible. Which I gathered as being pretty much the same as bi-sexual, but feeling the need to try and call it something else. The whole thing struck me as funny, and pretty similar to "Suede" on Project Runway calling himself "Suede" and speaking in the third person.

I watch a lot of strange TV. I work at nights, and there is a TV, and little work to do. Sadly it is just basic cable, and I would love it if people would be so kind as to wait for commercial breaks to call in with their petty problems. Kthx. A couple of weeks ago, there was a rerun of one of those pseudo documentaries on child pageants. I am going to hell for this (and other reasons, to be sure) but in the middle of this show about children in swimsuit competitions, there was an ad for Pos-T-Vac which is a penis suction pump. Are the programmers on this channel as warped as I am, or does nobody check for these issues?

I think pageants are basically kiddie porn, and the mothers seem clearly unfulfilled in their lives and live vicariously through their poor kids. But the names do make me laugh. Instead of just 1st, 2nd, or third place, they use Miss Supreme Grand Pretty Princess and other ridiculous titles, and the crowns are literally 18-24 inches tall, if not taller, and sort of ugly. And ohmygod the level of hostility between the mothers of the contestants! It is brain killingly bad entertainment, but at 3 am, the choices are limited.

I also learned that one of the chick channels has a QVC type show late at night, selling various erotic devices. I was channel surfing throught the other infomercials and heard the phrase "clitoral stimulation". I was sure that I hadn't heard that right, since it is only basic cable, but there it was - two genteel 30 ish women in a softly lit, lavendar backdropped set, discussing the merits of their high priced(?) vibrators. I went back to the channel surfing, but I am going to try and watch it again and see if they have any chatty callers phoning in to speak to the hosts and tell them how pleased they were with their product and how wonderful the color selection and quality are. Does anyone else remember the episode of Mamas Family where Mama gets addicted to the Home Shooping Network?

Luckily, I can also bring my DVD player in, and sometimes watch movies that way. I adore the little RedBox kiosks for DVD's. A buck a night is a pretty sweet deal. Plus, if you go online, you get a freebie, and I am all about the cheap and the free. Which may lead to some google hits for my blog...

I signed up for e-harmony, but I am not persuing it right now. I may see if I can pause my account. I was really curious to see if I would pass their screening process. There is an commercial for another matching service that says eHarmony turns down a lot of people because of their 29 dimensions. Considering I have a history of Major Depressive Disorder and a few other issues, I was surprised that I was let through. I am not entirely sure that my personality profile is quite accurate though. That isn't entirely based on poor self esteem though. I didn't think the questionnaire dug that deep, and also, I think everyone sort of polishes their selves a little on these things, like a resume.

I am not really looking for anyone right now though. I am still living with S, although we have had separate bedrooms for over a year, I think I am going to need some alone and single time. Plus I totally feel fat and ugly right now, so probably not a good starting place for a relationship, no?

A coworker gave me a Starbucks gift card. I have been vegetarian on and off for 16 years, and leaning to wards vegan now, but I have a hunch that this gift card is going to to towards a couple of vanilla cupcakes. Their chocolate ones look great, but taste gross, and not chocolatey. Usually I am not much of a vanilla fan, but these cupcakes rock. Plus they keep them in the freezer, and I love frozen cake. If you truly want to hurt your body, try freezing double stuff Oreos. Yum. I haven't actually had Oreos in over a year, because they are just plain bad for me, but every once in a while I think back on the frozen ones. I used to know some serious potheads, who introduced me to things like that, which I called Stoner Gourmet. Another tasty snack I picked up back in the day? Pringles with Muenster cheese. Good times - 10 years ago when I was young, and carefree and had a contact high.

And that wraps up this installment of Marias World. Thank you for visiting and please wait until the ride comes to a complete stop before exiting.

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