Thursday, June 3, 2010


So in 1983, I was in a pretty serious car mishap. I got hit, run over, and dragged by a Buick.

A Buick driven by a young, sweet girl named Ginger. I remember Ginger visiting me in the hospital. She brought me a CareBear. I loved Ginger. She was kind and her family were a lot of things my own family was not. I eventually went over to her house on weekends for sleepovers. When she got married, I was the flower girl.

Ginger and I kept in touch for several years, but after I moved to Pennsylvania we lost contact. She is on Facebook. I would like to send her a message, letting her know that I still thought about her and hope she is happy. But I worry that that would seem stalky. I haven't actually talked with her since 1993 or so. And although she was always very kind to me and sort of adopted me as her little sister, I don't know that she would want me to just pop up in her life right now.