Monday, August 18, 2008

Fuck me

No not literally, y'all.

I had a recheck appt. at the vet today, so I called the bank to see if I should swipe the card, or write a check. Bank number informs me, in that lovely computerized voice, that I am negative $91.23.

That was not right. So I went through the menu to see what checks or whatever had posted. There were 3 separate withdrawals for $100 each. Finally got through to a customer service guy at the bank, and all he said he could do for me was to give me the toll free number to reach the company that took the funds. That would be CCBILLS.COM

I would strongly suggest that you never do business with them. Turns out, some asshat had used my account info to play 300 bucks worth of online Texas Hold 'em. And the CSR I spoke with gave me a cancellation confirmation number.

So I called the bank back. Bank says they can't accept the digits, they need something on CCBILLs letterhead faxed to them.

So I call CCBILLS. According to their "supervisor" Antonio, they only have an incoming fax machine, and couldn't possibly assist me. WTF? In the whole company there is nopt a single fax machine that can be dialed out on? Hell naw. This says scam to me.

Back to the bank. Guy at the bank says I should close out my card, and go to the bank for help, that they will give me a temporary debit card, and send a new one. So I did.

Went to the bank. Luckily, my favorite banker chick Cindy was there, who helped me. The charges can't be dropped right away because I closed my card ON THE ADVICE OF THE BANKS CSR! Also? They do not issue temp. debit cards anymore, but a new one will be mailed to me in 5-10 days. Right hand of bank does not know what left hand is up to.

Right now, my identity is not worth stealing, although I might consider a trade....

Very happy that Cindy was there to help me, and I am going to send a letter to the head honcho of the bank and let them know how helpful she was.

Apparently I did not get the job at the manufactured housing company. I knwo its just a job, and really only the first one I have interviewed for, but I feel like a failure and all because I didn't get it.

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Jennifer said...

That debit card thing is awful! I have had to deal with banks before over similar issues, and it's really NOT a picnic, nor is it a walk in the park. Why do they have to make everything so difficult? And, why, why, why don't any random two employees tell you the same thing?