Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another good thing

My friend GEM had sent this to me. The Flippin church is near Tomkinsville Kentucky for all those wishing to attend.


Will said...

Sorry about the job. From what rejection I have encountered over my short lifespan I can offer only a narrow perspective. But as I prepare to apply to college, I am certain that will change. Still, last year I wrote a series of essays that amounted to 5,000 words in attempt to gain acceptance to TASP, this summer program sponsored by some obscure scholarship association. I was rejected during the first phase of the admission process, so I didn't even receive an interview. And I was devastated. But this summer - which I spent working and writing - proved invaluable not only to my current self, but also to my future. I seriously contemplated who I was, and I'm now much better off. But what if I would have benefited more from attending that summer program? I might have, but I would still be living with an inflated ego, with an inflated sense of my intelligence and potential.

And as you said, you're above that job. Maybe that's why they rejected you. Maybe, with your resume in hand, they considered your future, too. They saw something big, much bigger than being some glorified receptionist. Whatever their reason, don't back down. Keep striving for better, as you suggested.

Together, let's both remind ourselves to strive for the best. Let's both remind ourselves to not be scared of rejection. Let's not let ourselves grow content just yet.

Lastly, I insist that you read The Alchemist. I read it in one sitting, and I know that you probably would too.

John G. said...

OMG Willie Long...I love it!