Monday, February 22, 2010

True Love, belated Valentines

I am in love.

With a drug.

After over a dozen years, a dozen meds, and thousands of dollars, I have found one that works.


Turns out that even though I was situationally depressed several times, depression is not the root of all of my mental evil.

So until I reach a tolerance, or a better drug comes along, Strattera, will you be mine?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Movies, My Way

So S and I went to see "The Wolfman" on Friday. So romantic, I know. But, I do love Anthony Hopkins. The theatre was packed.

We had ventured out to see Sherlock Holmes on its opening day, and ended up sitting in the front row, which sucks. Viewing the movie from 5 feet away leaves one with an aching neck and the whole movie is distorted. So this time, we planned ahead.

We arrived plenty early and got a good place in line. Armed with popcorn and drinks, I hustled town the corridor towards the movie, with S chugging along 5 feet behind. I was not going to sit in the front row again, damnit, so I urged him to hurry it up. Nicely, of course.

We found decent seats midway up the theatre. I sat down one seat away from the next person, S. on my right, and an empty seat next to him, then the aisle. We were waaaay early and watched people streaming in to the theatre looking for seats. I do not like sitting near total strangers and wanted to make sure I didn't have to. A little water dribbled out from my water bottle ensured that did not happen. Anyone who asked if S & I could scoot down a seat would be met with a sad face and the explanation that sorry, the seat was wet! Since it was the last showing for the night, I didn't feel bad, since it would dry before the next day.

The movie wasn't all that great, sort of a bad role for someone of Sir Anthony Hopkins stature; but the important thing was that I wasn't in the front rown and had plenty of arm space, so I will call it a win.

Several years ago, in Indianapolis, I went to see Stepford Wives at the dollar theatre. I went with a former friend Kelly and her friend Tim. Before the movie, we went to O'Charleys, where I stole a cloth covered napkin and silverware. After dinner, we bought pints of Haagen-Daz and smuggled them into the theatre. Somehow, eating great ice cream with a cloth napkin and a non plastic spoon classed up the dollar theatre.

I am one of those people that will but candy or munchies somewhere else, not at the movies. Seriously, $3 for a bag of Skittles? Not happening. So far I have been smuggling food in undercover for at least 10 years. I willusually succumb to the chemical goodness of popcorn and buy some at the concession stand, but that is about my limit.

I laugh now because I sem cheap, and maybe I am. But that is a trait of my fathers. All of the years worrying that I would turn out like mom, and here comes the frugality of my father, who will squeeze a nickel until it screams. Although for what its worth, I bet dad waits for DVD rentals, and outcheaps me still. I'm ok with that.