Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Night ramblings

I started the new job yesterday - 3 hours of very boring training. I will feel much better when I am actually on my own. I honestly don't know how this job will work out. I have done this type of work before but in a much more modern office. I am worried that I will pick up some really bad and unprofessional habits here. But as long as I get paid I am keeping my mouth shut. I had today off, as the manager chick was not there today. Once I ma settled into this job, I am going to look for another part time-ish job to boost up my savings and move out into my own place.

A new apartment will be the first place I have lived without Iggie in over half my life. I still tear up thinking about him and miss him. I was listening to music earlier, and "Old Shep" by Elvis came on. I had to fast forward to the next song. If you don't know it, check on youtube, but not if you are feeling sad. Trust me. I first became aware of this song while watching Family Ties. Michael Keatons older brother was coming for a visit and he was telling the family about how his older brother used to make him listen to the song and it would make him cry. Alex snarked at him about letting a simple song control his emotions. Later on, the older brother plays it, and Michael is cool, but Alex, overhearing it, burts into tears and says "he shot the dog!!!!" I have truly strange memories!

I watched part of the Grammy awards while on the phone with my friend GEM. GEM has been asked by his favorite jewelry store to help design gay friendly jewelry. Apparently the owner got wind (10 years after the 'discovery') that gay people may have more disposable income since they may not have children, and are therefore an untapped source of revenue.

I remember this being a big deal in the 90's, but since so many people of all orientations are adopting I think the gay=extra money thing is no longer true, if it ever was. Anyway, we both found it funny that I knew the correct oder for "GLBT" and he knew who had won what at the MTV awards. Keep in mind that GEM is in his 50's and gay. I am in my 30's and straight. But we just work well together. He is also a fan of Tupac Shakurs poetry, which along with being gay and over 50, he is white, which probably messes with the predicted fan base data for that market! I love that about him.

I have known him for 8 years now, and it never seems like it has been that long. So now I am thinking about what to get him for our 10 year anniversary. GEM always sends me wonderful jewelry and I would reciprocate, but honestly, he already has loads of it, and in every color and precious metal combination I can think of. It is a very serious case of what do you get for the man who has everything.

I did really well today and yesterday in terms of cleaning and organizing. I am trying to go along with the Flylady program, but somedays I am better than others. I cleaned the office of a bag of trash - old papers and junk, did at least three loads of laundry, vaccumed, swept the kitchen, cleaned my bathroom, made my bed, and took out the trash. The idea is to do a little every day in a routine until it gets to be a habit. All of this organization and cleaning is very new to me. I love to have things organized but I tend to be so wrappedup in everything being perfect that I get overwhelmed. I am proud of me for doing so well, and I will keep it up tomorrow too!

S. is due back on Friday, but emailed that he is not very far from here, and has no planned load after he delivers this one, so he may be back sooner than later. This Valentines Day is gonna suck, yo. I hate being alone on couple-y holidays. Oh well. Someday my prince will come.

I don't know why I watch this show, it only serves to depress me, but I will admit I always catch The Girls Next Door. On behalf of all of Europe, and also now the Bahama Islands, I wish to apologize for the existence of Kendra. Not all Americans are like that so please don't hate us. Every freakin scene that showed her in the dreadlock hat made me nauseous. And then there was the screaming... And was it just me or was Holly's sister less than impressed with pretty much everything? They both have the same annoying little tee-hee giggle that are like fingernails on a chalkboard while listening to Paris Hiltons record...

I also watched last weeks Survivor premiere. I haven't watched that show for a couple of years, so I was not sure who some of the favorites were. I think if I were to be a contestant I would either be the first to go or last person left. Due to insomnia, I would probably be better at The Amazing Race, which I have never watched a whole seaon of. But if I don't take my medication, I can be up for several days at a time. Not always pleasant, mind you, but alert and able to keep moving towards the next destination.

Thats all for now. Time to head for bed and another day of training tomorrow.

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