Wednesday, February 6, 2008

TV people who annoy me, Project Runway Edition

Christian. Christian. Christian.
I could almost overlook the bright red pants you were wearing. I could almost forgive your over usage of the word fierce as an adjective, verb, conjunction, and every other type of word. I could almost forgive your flock of seagulls meets fast moving vehicle hair. IF you weren't such a nasty little wench.

Yeah you have some talent, and someday when and if you grow up, then you will be succesful. But in the meantime, being more civil and less arrogant as you scamper over the backs of every one else higher up on the ladder would serve you well.

W.T.H.??? Why did he go for the wierd draping again and why haven't the judges commented on it?

I would love to see Tim eliminate her for not being prepared on time. Every single week she is straggling behind, desperately trying to finish her work before the runway show.

Sweet P
I liked her originally, but every week PR only shows her in a bad light, like watching The Perils of Pauline. Next week I fully expect to see a shot of her bound to a railway tie, struggling to iron a garment before the oncoming train comes. And then, every time she squeaks by into another week, her "surprised" look is getting alittle much.

I like Chris. I do not think he will win, but I like him.

Well, we learned this week that Ricky does indeed have hair under the hat. And he did not cry this episode, which was good. Did anyone else think his orange bathing suit showed his models love handles in a very unflattering way? Not that there is a really flattering way to show love handles...

I loved Heidi in her sparkly red dress. And I was shocked to learn that there is an entire store devoted to just spandex.

And on to happy news. I have a job interview on Friday. Wish me luck. I have also almost completed my Control Journal ( which I think is really going to help get me into a more organized and happier way of life. I am a total perfectionist and get frustrated easily when things are not done just so, but I am learning to change and grow. Life is, at the moment, good. So I am going to try and enjoy it while it lasts and prolong the smooth sailing as long as I can.


The Ex said...

Good GAWD Christian is such a whiner. He needs to learn how to be humble and silent. Much more attractive.

David Dust said...

Oh my God, I'm gonna die of barfness!

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Jennifer said...

I love PR. And, I must admit I can't stand Christian, but also see how he makes the show more interesting.

I thought the WWE challange was bizarre, but I did like how the designers seemed to have fun with it.