Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shout out to Stacy at Hollow Squirrel

I love it when you get things in the mail that are not sale ads, bills, or other assorted junk. So today I was really happy to receive a prize pack from Stacy, ie Mrs Squirrel. So as to not incite jealousy from people who read her blog but haven't won a contest yet, I will refrain from listing ALL of the items in the prize. But it was more than I expected, and prettily wrapped in nifty paper with a notecard too. And it made an otherwise ho hum kind of day into a better one. So thank you, Stacy, for a great blog, adorable photos, and the thoughtfulness and kindness you show to all of your readers.

I think I am going to have to start sending more cards to the people I care about more often. If a simple lot of prizes from a relative stranger can make me feel so much better, then I think I should spread the happiness.


Jennifer said...

I love Hollow Squirrel, too, she's so funny.

Isn't mail wonderful? It's sad, but I'm always a little excited about getting the mail, just in case there's something fabulous in the box....

Isabel said...

Oh you gotta love Mrs. Squirrel.