Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Generalities

So I have a new book club meeting tonight. This is the starter meeting, so I have no idea if it will last.

I am going to an office to fill out an app tomorrow, and there is a group interview on Thursday. I hate the group interview. When I did staffing and recruiting for an agency, I would have group interviews, but then again I was trying to hire as many people I could bill for as possible. When an employer is only looking to hire one person though, I don't think it works as well. The job market here truly sucks. I know that nationwide things are not the greatest, but I am widening my searches to places over an hour away and still coming up with very little.

Had a horrible fight with S. on Sunday. Lost control, said many things I should not have. I am apparently a very angry scared person, and not dealing very well.

On the plus side, my email buddy and I are getting along well. Unfortunately, today he emailed his cell number, and that just makes me want to put the brakes on. Yeah it would be nice if the first guy I talk to turns out to be "the one", but odds are stongly against that happening. I am not up for any relationship right now, let alone a rebound one. Plus, I am still in the same living quarters as the ex, so that would make things difficult to say the least.

I am tired, and considering taking anap, but I am afraid that I will start sleeping 20 hours a day again. Yeah, I said 20. I am that good of a sleeper when depressed. On a good day, I could go for 22 or more. But that isn't a goal I am trying to work towards.

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