Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Luck to me

I have two job interviews tomorrow. TWO! One at a doctors office and the other for a DME company. Hoping like mad I will get the doctors office position. Have new and hopefully lucky navy suit ready to go, and all of my interview charm on deck for schmoozing.

Pay sucks in this area, so I will most likely keep the other job on Friday and Saturday nights, but I can do that - for a while anyway.

Talked to GEM for 3 hours tonight - discussed clothing for interview and everything else under the sun, including some very appreciated confidence in me and my abilities. I love GEM. He is such the perfect firend for me. I may not have had much luck finding a romantic life partner, but so glad I have GEM in my life.


flutter said...

how did they go?

Jennifer said...

Yes, I didn't have time to leave a comment the other day, but, I, too, am dying to know how they went.
And I want a new lucky blue suit!