Sunday, September 21, 2008


OK, first the job interviews.

1. Interview for job I don't think I want. Interviewing chick was late. Only like 5 minutes, but no apology or acknowledgement of her lateness, which bothers me. Also, she asked if I had children which is one of the top ten HR no-no's. On the plus side, I get to go for a drug screen tomorrow. Whoo hoo? And a 2nd interview with interview chick and distruct manager on Tuesday.

2. Interview for the job I wanted. The doctor asked me what kind of medical practice I worked for before, I told him hair replacement. NO not plugs! Individually cut and placed hair follicles thankyouverymuch, which is a long and expensive procedure. Anyway, interviewing doc is losing hair and spent 15 minutes discussing surgical options with me before telling me he thought I was over qualified. Then WHY THE FUCK did he even have me come in for an interview??? I don't wish anyone harm, because that karma is a bitch, yo. HOWEVER, If maybe he was uneligible for hair replacement surgery I would feel vindicated somehow.

The good news? One, I bought a pair of jeans in a size smaller than I was, so yay freaking me! and Two? I have a date, sort of, tonight. I am meeting the email guy from Craigslist. Best friend GEM is referring to him as My Online Predator, which amuses him to no end. GEM works in a prison as a nurse and is able to screen any potential dates he has to see if they have ever been arrested. I don't have that info available to me, so if I don't post for a week or so, someone please inform the local authorities... We are going to see the new flick with Samuel L. Jackson - "pleasant terrace" or something. Yeah I am that lazy not to look online for a movie title.

This is so exciting, because I was in a very boring and bad relationship for 4 years, so new and interesting is a big deal to me.

I also had a couple of epiphanies about my life and what I need to do. More on that later.

My new book club selection is Come Back, by the Fontaines. I finished it last night and it was a very difficult read for me, and made me think a whole lot of not easy things about myself. More on that later too. Not going to do anything today that makes me weepy. Plus I am a little PMS-y so anything weepy could snowball. Happy thoughts only, kthxbai!

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Jennifer said...

Congrats (I think?) on the job interviews.

And I hope the date goes well. I can't even imagine going on a first date. It would be exciting, but, I must admit, terrifying!