Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One good thing, and OMG

The good thing. I have an online penpal. Its a divorced older guy, neither one of us is looking to hook up, and I am not sure we will even ever meet IRL, BUT it is a live person I can talk to, and I so needed that.

The OMG?
Tropic Thunder.
So I have always loved Robert Downey Junior. Back in the 90's I figured if I could just get to Hollywood, I could have him married, divorced and cashed the first alimony check before he even sobered up. Not great for a long term relationship, but one hell of a fun ride while it lasted, right?

But the best part is not even RDJ, though it saddens me to say it. Tom "Batshit Crazy" Cruise had the best fucking part in the movie, and I would have been willing to watch 15 more minutes of his roayl craziness. It is that funny.

I don't buy a lot of movies. There are very few that I will re-watch, and those that I do are always on re-runs - Steel Magnolias (Don't talk about me like I'm not here!), The Breakfast Club, etc. But I am for sure for sure renting this one for the special effects, and may eventually buy it on Amazon when it goes for five bucks or less. Cause I'm cheap.

And thank you, to Loyal Reader Jen for all the kind comments and just letting me know someone out there is hearing (reading?) me.

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