Friday, July 18, 2008

RIP Buster

GEM called me this morning. His dog Buster had been sick last week and just died. I am not sure what caused it, he was only a little over a year old and the other 3 dogs are fine.

This sucks. I lost my kitty after 17 years in January, and I am still devastated when I think about it. Not to make this about me though. What I am getting at is that I know how bad GEM is hurting and I hate that I can't do anything to make him feel better. I called him back and left a message saying I was sorry and all, but there is not a single thing that will make it hurt any less and I hate to see the people I care about in any pain.

GEM is battling his sister in a lawsuit over the estate of their father and aunt, has not been in a steady relationship for several years, works in a prison, which is depressing as all hell, but still manages to send cards and gifts to friends and family on every holiday on the calendar. Not everybody "gets" him, but those who do are very lucky to have him in their lives. Some people think he is gruff, but he is such a softie. His horses are basically lawn ornaments, since he just enjoys having them and does not ride them. And his dogs provide much needed company, and scare off raccons and other critters from the chickens. Buster is going to be missed.

Unfortunately, GEM firmly believes that bad things happen threes. 2 months ago, Busters sister Lucy, who lived with GEMS mothers, was hit by a car and died, in front of GEMs mothers. I hope that the bad things stop happening at two, because GEM doesn't need another loss.

I love you GEM, I miss you, and I would do anything to make this better if I could.

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