Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love Goodwill

After watching Mamma Mia, I saw a t-shirt hanging at the register of my local Goodwill.

"If you talk during the movie, I hate you. "

It wasn't my size and I did not buy it, but I adored it all the same. Then I thought about if I made a t-shirt for every occasion I hated something and felt the world needed to know.

1. If you are unkind on a regular basis for no reason, I hate you.
2. If you don't tip your server because you are ignorant and cheap, I hate you.
3. If you yap on your cell phone while driving and do not use your turn signals, I hate you.
4. If you do not neuter or spay your pets, I hate you.
5. If you do not have a sense of humor, I pity you.

As for the movie, meh. I love Meryl Streep though, and she still looks so amazing.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

My son is a movie talker and he drives me crazy! In his defense, he's not doing random chatting, it's more like instead of thinking "Oh, that was cool!" or "Don't go through that door" he says it!

And if I had to make up a t-shirt, I would say
"If you are stingy, I hate you."
"If you are sneaky, I hate you."

but sneaky isn't quite the right word that I'm looking for, maybe conniving? Like sneaky with an undertone of malevolence...