Sunday, October 5, 2008

Twice! In one night!

That would be my Thursday night. I got pulled over. Twice. I was headed over to The Predators house, and I came to a 4 way and stopped. Luckily I also used my turn signal, because I got pulled over immediately.

My right front headlight was out. The cop was nice about it, but took my license back to his car to run the info, which made me very nervous. I have not been pulled over in ten years, and that was just for a registration ticket, so I don't have alot of experience with police pull overs. A month or so ago my debit card information was compromised, so during the looooooong wait to get my license back I went through at least a billion worries about my identity being switched with someone wanted for a felony. Luckily everything was fine and I was given a gentle warning. I continued on to The Predators house and stayed until 11:30 - on a work night which is maybe not so smart.

I got almost home and saw an oncoming car headed towards me. At the stop sign I saw that it was a police car and I just knew that the MariaMobiles missing light wasn't ging to go unnoticed. Sure enough, the cop car made a U Turn and pulled me over. This cop was a jerk. I told him I had gotten a warning a mere two hours ago and would be fixing the headlight in the morning. Jerk cop gave me a snotty lecture about how a warning didn't give me permission to drive in an unsafe vehicle. Yeah, I know. I also know it was almost midnight and Auto Zone wasn't open. I got off with a lecture.

Once home I spoke with S. and convinced him to go to WalMart (which I hate, but they were open) and buy a headlight for me. Which was very nice of him considering.

Things with The Predator are going very well in some ways and sort of strange in others. The Predator is divorced and apparently that is still in his mind because he is very wary of getting hurt. I am too - and I have more trust issues than I care to count - but right now I am just enjoying spending time with someone who tells me I am pretty and makes me laugh. And the naughty stuff is great too.

S. asked me if The Predator and I were "screwing around". I told him that that wasn't any of his business, and so he assumed that we are and told me that it makes him mad. This is a really strange position to be in - I still live with the ex, and we are being fairly civil to one another, but I am seeing a new man. Given that it was S. that nailed several of the final nails into our coffin, I guess I just don't see where he gets off having any concern over who I amy or may not be intimate with.

New job is going better than expected. I worked 50 hours there this week, and 20 at the night job on Fri and Sat night. I don't know how much longer I cna keep that up though - my guess is not long! I can live off of what I will make at the new job, and will do better with a little overtime, which is not a problem. Overtime at the new job is double what I make at the night job, so it makes sense to drop the nights, but then again, I don't really do much at night, so I am not willing to let it go yet. It does suck for me and The Online Predator though, because we don't have much time to see each other. Predator leaves today for a 2 week vacation in Puerto Rico (lucky sumbitch) and so maybe this two week break will give me needed time and space to figure out a routine at the jobs.

And in other exciting (at least to me) news, there is a new season of Charm School starting October 12th. For those unfamiliar with Charm School, it is a gawd awful reality show that featured the contestants from Flavor of Love and Monique as the Charm School Headmistress. Notable, there were commandments for Charm School such as "Thou shalt check thyself before thy wreck thyself". Yeah. It is THAT bad. And I will be watching every.single.minute of this particular trainwreck. I think this season the students will be those misguided bimbos from Rock of Love that are being educated in etiquette.

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