Monday, October 13, 2008


I missed my new book club tonight. We read a book I was really looking forward to discussing, and I screwed up and thought it was tomorrow. Yeah, and I have been a staffing coordinator before, so you would think I could figure out a calendar.

Work continues - I was hired at the same time as another person, with me as the lead. She got fired on Friday and it was sort of my fault. Long story short, the other chick was on her cell texting most of the day, and worked crazy amounts of overtime for a new job. Problem was, after hours she would have her girlfriend and sisters, and probably random other people come to the office. The company I work for deals with medical stuff, so thereis a LOT of cinfidential paperwork around - names, DOB's, social security numbers. So, not smart to have people come and visit you for half an hour at a time. BUT, it was her birthday, and getting fired on your birthday has got to suck like nothing else.

So, good that she is not there wasting company time and money. Bad because there is a HUGE amount of backog to plow through, and no idea when another person will be hired. I was replacing a guy who stayed around for a week and a half to train me, but there isn't a person to train the other person, because our jobs are sort of different, so this should be interesting. And by interesting I mean stressful. I do like my new boss though and I think I will get along well with her and even though it is a lot of work I think I can do really well at it.

Exhaustion is creeping in though. The Online Predator (and really,I need to find a better alias for him) will be back this week, so that is good. Hopefully we can have a couple of early nights so I don't stay up past my bedtime.

I saw Quarantine on Sunday. Save your money folks. It is a cross between The Blair Witch Project and a cheesy carnival haunted house ride. So since the movie sucked, I bought myself two new pairs of shoes and then I felt better. Retail therapy is not as effective as I would like, but a momentary happiness is achieved. Plus the shoes are cute so I am gonna call it a win win.

Bad news for my brother G. He was laid off from his job. He has a very cool job of making neon signs - bending the glass, adding the neon, being crafty and arty. Unfortunately the evil compnay Yahoo pulled their account and layoffs were made. This really sucks for him because he has a degenerative spine condition and his former boss had been very willing to work around G's ability to work day to day. And his cat is due for vaccinations and has a little infection on his chin. I am going to send him a hundred bucks or so when I get paid this week, but that isn't alot of money. If I can figure out who and where his cats vet is I may try and prepay for the annual exam and any meds. I know what it is like to have a sick cat and no job, so I will help him as much as I can. And he knows I have dibs on a kidney if I ever need one...

G and I were never close growing up. It has really only been the last couple of years that we have talked about anything real - my family is generally not open to discussing anything other than the most banal subjects, and never discussing the flock of pink elephants in the room. It is such a pleasant surprise to be getting to know him, even if it has taken this long. I haven't actually seen him in over 10 years, but maybe soon we can arrange a visit. He is in California, and I would love to see the Pacific, so maybe when I accrue some vacation time I could fly out and see him. I don't think I will ever have a relationship with my sister or my other two brothers, and will likely never be on speaking terms with either of my parents. But I want to keep G a little closer.

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