Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's my birthday

So today is my birthday. And reading my blog, I am not seeing all that I am. Most of the time I am very funny and snarky, but so far the blog has been more about heavier topics. So, I am going to try and balance things out more.

Yesterday S. bought me lunch at my favorite little Italian place. Not the Olive Garden. Lunch was delicious, but we then had a disastrous fight. I am pretty sure at this point there is nothing left to salvage between us. I shouldn't have even gone, because I KNOW he is not the one for me. But what was kind of liberating for me is that I ended up telling him (though not in a calm way) some of the things that were wrong, like his failure to stand up for me to his troglodyte friends. That had bothered me for a really long time, and I am glad I got it off of my mind.

But, happier news. My new job is having a little birthday party for me today. I think I will be getting some cake, and some more Happy perfume, which is what I usually wear. And while it does strike me as sad that I am getting more from virtual strangers at a new job than friends and family, I am happy to be getting anything at all. My new boss had asked me a few days ago what I wanted. I wasn't sure and she asked what perfumes I liked. I told her Happy, but I didn't want to ask for something expensive-ish like that from a job I have only had for a month. Now I am wondering if it is too late to request a subscription to e-Harmony!

And last but not least, I got into a conversation with a squirrel. I think. Eddie (the furball) was staring intently out the screen into the trees outside. So I crouched down next to him and saw a squirrel hanging out on a branch. It was making this chittering noise, and had Eddie enthralled. So I started imitating the sound. Both squirrel and cat looked at me in shock, then the squirrel began chittering back at me! It went back and forth for a few minutes, and the squirrel hopped down a few branches to be closer to this strange new thing talking to it. We all looked at one another and then the squirrel meandered away. I have no idea if the sounds I was making were threatening or more of a squirrelly greeting. I was probably the rodent equivalent of a babbling homeless person, but it was still a neat experience. I do like nature, although not things with more than four legs.

Eddie is not happy that I have a job. I have been home with him for almost a year, and when I come back from work he is more affectionate that he has ever been in his whole life. He follows me from room to room and cries when I close a door in between us. When I sit at the computer he no longer perches on the hutch above the monitor, instead he sprawls out next to the keyboard and tries to sleep with his head on my left hand. All this leads me to be thankful I do not have children; if I have this level of separation anxiety and neurotic-ness from a cat, there would be no hope of having a well adjusted child!


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!
I agree with you about blogging (re: not representing all of you). My blog tends to be light hearted and sometimes doesn't deal with some of the serious issues I face. I need to work on it being a more authentic representation of me, and of my life...
I hope your co-workers do get you cake (mmm... cake) and that you have a lovely celebration.

CPA Mom said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow March 4 bday girl!! What a great day!