Thursday, January 31, 2008


Wow for a couple of reasons.

1. I have readers! Comment leaving, genuine readers! For some reason this is so amazing to me. Thanks to all who have stopped by and I hope you will come back.

2. The wicked storm that passed through here last night. I love storms. My inner pagan wants to go outside naked during the rain and watch natures amazing light show. My inner law abiding citizen has never allowed me to go outside naked, and for that, you are all welcome. Some people look for houses with sun porches. I want a rain porch. Something outside or screened in, and with eaves deep enough so that I don't get wet while it pours. I love sleeping when it is raining too. I have some sleep problems, chronic insomnia being the worst, but rain seems to work as a natural sleep inducer. Unfortunately, I am in a part of Texas that is borderline desert, so it isn't frequent, but I appreciate the storms more when they happen.

3. This is not so much of a wow as it is a purple suit wearing, gold tooth flashing, giant clock blinging type of woooooooow. Thats right, Flava Flav has a new installment of Flava of Love. Words fail me. The first one, and even the second one were entertaining. I will also admit to gleefully snickering over Bret Michaels show - Rock of STD's. But seriously, who would truly want to be with the Flav after he has been within 30 feet of New York? Is anyone esle completely squicked out by the idea of those two bumping uglies? But I will admit I am curious to see what my nickname would be.

4. And now for the best kind of wow. I am the youngest of 5 children. I am completely estranged from my parents, and all but one of my siblings. We'll get to all of that mess later. My one very cool brother G lives in CA, and it has been about a dozen plus years since I have seen him in person. We were never close as kids. He is about 6 years older than I am, and I was the epitome of a rotten little sister at times. But now, we are surprisingly close. We used to talk on the phone about 3 times a year, and now it has gotten up to once or twice a month. And he calls me sometimes, not just me calling him. Anyway, for the wow factor, he has a cat and has dealt with the loss of a cat before and has been so kind and undertstanding with me since I lost Iggie. He even said "I wish I was there so I could give you a hug". I can honestly say I do not think we have ever hugged each other before. Literally never. My family was not very touchy feely, so this is so huge for me. I hope I can take a trip out to see him soon and collect on the hug. Family is very important to me, even if it isn't at all typical, I am very lucky to have the new family I do.


Jennifer said...

It's the power of Hollow Squirrel, I think. I love her blog.

Oh, I have a TX connection. My work has a branch? division? office? in DelRio, but I've never been there. And the little central IL town I live in (near Peoria, IL) has a ton of migrant families that travel between here and the Mission/Alamo/Del Rio area.

I hope things are looking up for you.

Maria said...

It is totally Squirrel Power that I am getting visitors here. So thanks to Mrs Squirrel! And if I were to ever have a little boy I would be satisfied if he were only half as cute as Jojo!